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About Naked Buttons

Morris the Cat button
The button that started it all

Originally based in Chicago, Naked Merch founder Michelle Rose unearthed her old button press in 2012 and decided to re-start her button business in Los Angeles...

Ok - you want the tear-jerker story? One day at the grocery store, little Michelle and her big brother Steve were horsing around on the shopping cart. They loved pushing the carts along and then jumping on so they could ride them. But their young minds knew nothing about the physics of "counterweight" and when they pushed the empty cart and both jumped on, the cart tipped backwards and fell on them!

Michelle & Steve's mom yelled at them, and kid Michelle began to cry. A stockboy saw the whole thing unfold, and left for a moment, only to rush back with a tiny gift in his hand. It's something Michelle still keeps dear to this day – a Morris The Cat button. Michelle knows the power of items that might seem so insignificant to some – but can make a world of difference to a few. And it's hard to say for sure, but perhaps this is why making buttons warms her heart.

Now Naked Merch is the go-to custom button maker for indie bands in LA, and we've also made plenty for individuals, small businesses, organizations, etc.

We operate out of Spacedust in Echo Park, a boutique which specializes in handmade gifts, local art, and independent designers.


Call us: c/o Spacedust, 323 484 6343
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Snail Mail: c/o Spacedust, 2153 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90026

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